Miyerkules, Disyembre 21, 2011

Dumaguete Touchdown!

Hi Sissies,

One of the best things this Holidays is I'm able to go home and spend it with my family and relatives...complete kami. Yes, I am from Dumaguete City, one of the places that got affected by the Storm Sendong. This is by far the strongest storm that hit our place and I'm very sorry to see number of my kababayans who lost their homes.

I arrived home around 12:30 pm. First on the list of things to do was to go to Macias' Sports Complex where all the donations are gathered for our affected fellowmen. My mom packed the clothes and my dad and I delivered it to the venue.
Macias' Sports Complex
Sacks of Rice

Donated clothes

Sorted Canned Goods

After dropping by the Sports Complex, we headed to my Tito's house to pick up something. Nice to see my niece and tita there....:)

My Niece, Buttercup!

Lunchtime!!! We fetched mom in downtown and had our lunch in Sunburst! I truly recommend their Sizzling Beef! Yum!

Smile pa din kahit gutom na! hehehe

Lunch out with Dad and Mom at Sanburst, Robinsons Place

After lunch, we went all over downtown. We stopped by Boulevard for some REAL FRESH AIR!

It was a very very busy first day indeed! I chose to wear something comfortable then.

Top: From Landmark
Bottom: Erzullie pants
Shoes: Marikina made shoes given by my sister as her Christmas Gift!

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow about my Dumaguete Holiday Adventure!

Merry Christmas!


Martes, Disyembre 20, 2011

DECEMBER = Party Month! (Part 3)

Hi Sissies!

I really wanted to separate this blog solely for the Erzullie Christmas Party! As I have always mentioned before, being part of the Erzullie did not only realize my dream of becoming a plus size model and being able to positively influence plus size women to love themselves more and be confident with the body they have, but also this was a start of a new FAMILY! I'll always be thankful for having such a dynamic sisters in the industry! haha...naks, parang showbiz lang na statement. :) 

Everyone was so excited....we have planned this for weeks back and the wait was finally over. It was a super fun filled party and we were just so full of energy all day and nigh long! hehehe....

Sharing with you the memorable party we had last Sunday. <3

About to start the Exchange Gifts! Yehey!
My Mommy! Thanks for the make up kit and earrings!
Ready for the night out! 

while playing pinoy henyo, with Kat (left) and Jhaki (right)

From left: Aries, Andrea and Berna
Pinoy Henyo word: Korea, trying to do the Korean pose to give clue hahaha

I love this picture! Berna and Aries

                                                                Cheers Everyone!!!



DECEMBER = Party Month! (Part 2)

Hi Sissies!

I know I have been quiet for the past weeks...that's really how it is every year end...busy wrapping up both work and parties! Last week has been very challenging for me. I had to complete 1 one week project testing at the same time finalizing preparations for the year-end and I really thank all those people who were there beside me.

As promised, I'll be sharing with you snapshots of the different parties I have attended last week...

FR Christmas Party 
@ Amber Lounge Fort Strip
Theme: Broadway

My Outfit for the Night
Top from Landmark
Purple Skirt by Erzullie
Shoes, gift from my sister! :)

Glam up for a Cause
@ Sofitel Harbor Tent
Theme: Masquerade Ball

With my sister
With hosts, Lani and Rich

When the real party starts!!! Great job IN HEAT Band!
With some of my Socials Team members

With my teamate, Jo
My Outfit for the Night
Pink tube dress by Forever 21
Shoes from Janylin

Thanks for viewing. <3

Watch out for more December updates sisters!!!

Merry Christmas!


Miyerkules, Disyembre 7, 2011

Count your blessings..

Hi Sissies,

As we move towards the end of the year, apart from being busy with the shopping spree, Christmas party and wrapping up school or work stuffs, I suggest you take a step back...and think about all the blessings you've received this year. More than anything else, this is the best time for us to reflect on the beautiful things and gifts that GOD has given us...

Personally, I have so many things to thank GOD this year....to name a few here they are...

                                           Of course my ever wonderful and best family!!!

                                                 My very loving BF....5 years na kami! hehehe

                                                             My 2 handsome nephews...

                                                                My ERZULLIE Family
                          (gave me the opportunity to enter the modeling and fashion industry) 
                            from then on I've been wearing their clothes already..very pretty and 
                                               compliments your natural curves..hehehhe
                                            *wearing the black tube dress at the runway

                                                          My very dynamic CE Team
                                                 *wearing the Erzullie gold chaleco  
                                             My Powerful and brilliant DKS Socials Team
                                                 *wearing the long ribbon short dress
                                                *wearing black skirt with ruffle design

And the list goes on and on....what more can I ask for, dba? So try to count your blessings and surely, you'll realize how lucky you are and be grateful for all these GIFTS you have received...no monetary value can replace these precious gifts.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Loren Mae

Linggo, Disyembre 4, 2011

DECEMBER = Party Month! (Part 1)

Hi Sissies!

  How did you spend your first December weekend? For me, I had 3 straight parties! Take note, the first 2 happened on the same night! heheh...What a way to do multi-tasking! Expect that there would be line up of parties here and there..Company parties, Christmas party with friends, family reunions, birthdays..and I can just imagine how exciting it is to prepare our outfits/costumes for those events.

My tip for everyone, prepare ahead....probably a week for that so that you can ensure a hassle free night.

Anyway, I'll be very happy to walk you through some sneak peeks of my December events...so this is just Part 1..

Diversity Committee Get Together and My Team's Christmas Party
Still in the office pero naka costume na

Off to Uncle Cheffy, Burgos Circle Fort

DKS Diversity Committee
Forgot the name but this is a must try!
CE Girl Power!
With my CE team

Outfit: Black long sleeves and leggings with matching Erzullie golden bolero and belt...plus of course the braided hair for the cowgirl look.
My Friend's Birthday Party- Day 2

Outfit: Brown top with lace see through at the back and Erzullie skirt.

These are for now and catch my next December updates.

I hope you enjoyed viewing

Merry Christmas Everyone
Loren Mae

My Best Picks

Hi Sissies!

Question: What is the secret of effective influencing?
Answer: Starts with you...you must first be convinced and love it before you can influence others to buy-in.

That has always been my principle in life...and that's the reason why I am sharing with everyone my fabulous experience with Erzulllie. Yes, I do see couple of great pieces in other fashion brands, but Erzullie gives me a different kind of FULFILLMENT.

Have posted my different photos of Erzullie in batches for the past months in FB but I'd like to collate some of my best pieces here which may give you an idea on how to mix and match your Erzullie buys.

                                                    Erzullie: Purple Skirt and Mid length Pants
                                         Erzullie Pieces: Mid Length Pants and Golden Bolero
                                    Catch them now at Greenhills, Backstage Serendra or bazaars!!!

 Hope this is helpful for all of you..

Enjoy life!

 Loren Mae <3