Lunes, Enero 30, 2012

Erzullie Resorts 2012 is ON!

This is the time that I have long been waiting for...and still, gives me butterflies in my stomach thinking that at last I will be doing this! :) Just like any other normal person, I remember the same feeling I had when I first went up on stage, about 6 years old, to perform in school. You’ve got these mixed emotions of excitement, gratitude, and of course nervousness. I started with a prayer, and knew the moment I stepped on stage, people will love me afterward!  You could imagine the dose of confidence I took that day! Hahaha

Erzullie Resorts 2012 is definitely ON!!! And we are scheduled to have our photo shoot on Feb 11, 2012. I’m looking forward for this to be a success! I trust the people behind this brand, Berna and Aries that they will bring out the best in us! This is my first time ( I know my friends will disagree with me saying this because they know me for being photo addict, hehe). But what I mean by “first time” is this is REALLY my first time to venture into fashion modeling, having them take photos of me to promote the brand. And mind you, this is not just about posing for the camera or walking the ramp, but most importantly, this is a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY of carrying the brand and inspiring plus size women and men to love themselves.

I do hope I will be able to deliver that message and inspire more people to feel blessed to have such a wonderful life.

Stay tuned and will start to continuously update you on our journey as the official ERZULLIE ICON for 2012!