Sabado, Abril 28, 2012

Shop for Less

Since the time of technology has boost, more and more online businesses have dominated the social network for faster and more convenient way of reaching out to the market. And I'm so amazed of how technology really changed our lives...

When these things started, I was kinda hesitant to try ordering online. The level of security over your asset was immensely low given that you have to deal with some trust for someone you haven't seen or met personally. But it always takes first time and I would like to specifically mention my first time of buying clothes online has been amazing. Luckily, without even trying it on and just relying on my best body measurement estimates (since I can't find my tape measure hehehe), the clothes that I bought online fits me almost perfectly!

Here are my thoughts on why I think online shopping now is desirable
1. It's cheaper , given only very minimal overhead cost applied 
2. More convenient. You don't have to travel to go to malls 
2. You get to meet new friends! And really good friends! :)
3. And the list goes on and on...

Just a reminder though, always carefully choose your seller as well! As for me, I'm enjoying it and just like to share this with all of you!

First on the list, of course I'm proud to be a part of this family and working with the brilliant people behind ERZULLIE. Originally designed and created by the fashion designers Aries De Guzman and Berna Cuevas...
I love them so much! Passion for their work and their advocacy over plus size women's not just about the about bringing out the best in us by feeling beautiful, confident, happy and contented! :)

(I'm the one wearing the yellow top and Erullie Free Flowing Pants)

Click this:
Here are some of Erzullie pieces during my "modelling" (naks! heheh) engagement...Really a great experience!

                                        Empresario Fashion Show- Nov 2011


Kicking off the Show!

I'd also like to mention the other fierce plus size online sellers I met on Facebook and dealt with.:) They are few of those whom you can really trust online! :) Love you all the way, most of them are Cebuanos! :)

Thanks Maila!

I really love the play of colors

                                                                     Love the Swimsuit top sis! Thanks Ukay Biz

Summer Summer!

Other Sellers: Sorry have not taken photos of the clothes yet.:)

                              Will there be next time? DEFINITELY!

Check them out girls!!!

Keep Smiling! Live life to the fullest! 

Love you all,

Miyerkules, Abril 4, 2012

Back to School this Summer!

Hi Sissies!

Since I'm already in Dumaguete, my hometown, let me take you around some few significant spots in my very own Alma Matter, Silliman University. First 21 years of my life, I spent it here in this first ever American School in the Philippines.

I was born in Silliman University Medical Center. I then stepped into early childhood school when I was 3 years old, then elementary up to college. I am a true blooded Sillimanian. :) What makes me proud to be one is that I grew up with great values and principles which this school has taught me. Also, the school is very conducive for learning...with very clean and close to nature environment. Here are some photos I took after the Sunday service.

In front of SU Church
Behind me is the Amphitheater where school events such as Founder's Day Opening, Meeting de Avance, Religious gatherings, and many more are held. Reminds me really of those student campaign days...

In front of my CBA school building
Still in front of CBA School Building (old one known as Oriental Hall). Benches are where we spent our meetings and chika moments during breaktime.

Mom also spent her early childhood to college years in Silliman University...we both share the same passion for our Alma Matter. :)

See the line of Acacia trees? Those are hundreds of years old already and are very well taken cared off by the school. In fact, each has a name! :)

Too bad we didn't have all the time to go around since we still had to buy food for our "picnic" lunch!

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed reading my latest blog.

Keep smiling and ensure you enjoy the sun this Summer!


Linggo, Abril 1, 2012

Love Conquers All - A Love Story to Share

"I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together." - Julia Roberts

My friends/classmates Nabi and Roselle proved that love conquers distance can take them apart. Both have been my classmates since early childhood. Their love story started in high school. Theirs is very inspiring, and I have been a witness of that undying love. We all know, long distance relationship is such a huge challenge, Roselle working in Manila then in Cebu while Nabi in Dumaguete, but these couple proved that love knows no boundaries if two people are really destined to be together.

Last March 30, 2012, I really took time off to go back to my hometown to be part of this BIG DAY! I wish them all the best in are my inspiration!

The highlight of the ceremony


                            At the Reception, Palm and Pines Daro Dumaguete City
 I love the venue...just how I want my own wedding to be in! hehehe...Garden Wedding...very close to nature! :)

                                See how beautiful my classmates are!!! I love them all!

From left: Edric, Nicing, Nyika, Astrah, Jen, Koren, Maja and Remwa (nicknames nila!) heheh

                                                          With future Dr. Angelica!

                                 In fairness, swak na swak ang shoes ko sa motif! :)

Thanks for reading by blog! Stay in love everyone!