Linggo, Mayo 27, 2012

Fashionable Weekend

What is Fashion for you?

Whenever I hear the word Fashion, the first thing that comes to my mind is "self expression".
For me, fashion reflects one's personality, ideals, and interests.

This weekend has been a great experience! I attended the Philippine Fashion week at SMX together with my sister and friends. I was able to witness Fashion at it's best. It was amazing to see a lot of very unique and fabulous styles from the different guests in the event. It's overwhelming to see the many creative and brilliant minds we have here in the Philippines. Indeed, ours is such a world class!

For my outfit, I wore one of my favorite Erzullie dresses, the blue tube dress matched with my sexy stockings and killer heels! How fierce could that be?

My sister came with her brown tube dress and our friend Aela in fuchsia mini dress. Both were so dainty!

My sister, Jenny
Our fried, Aela 

My friend, Danielle was also there. I really love her red hair! :) So chick!

Philippine Fashion Show: Featuring Luxe Wear

After the event, we visited ERZULLIE at the SUPERB Bazaar! It was awesome meeting my Erzullie Family!

Thanks for reading my blog, Sissies!!!

Enjoy life! Keep smiling!

Love lots,