Linggo, Marso 25, 2012

Weekend ME Time!

Hello Sissies!

How's your weekend? With whom did you spend it? Family? Friends? As for me, I must say this weekend has been special...because I got to spend it with myself. :)

I've been so busy for the past has preoccupied me, and it's obvious, not being able to post blogs since last month, I guess. It feels good after a long busy week, to have that peaceful moment, relaxing and recharging yourself for another busy week ahead. It was also the time that I had a chance to think about changing something about me.

I've been known to be the plus size woman, who has long STRAIGHT shiny hair! heheh...

I was born with incredibly straight hair. YES! Super straight which gives me a hard time curling it with iron..I spend 30 mins to an hour curling it and after just 10-15 mins it goes back to straight again. Not only that, I remember one time my auntie tried to curl it with medicine...take note, with medicine like what parlors use. Yes it created some curls for a day, after that, back to straight again.


I heard about Digi fascinated with it's technical explanation on how it can create fabulous curls so I decided to try it!

Sotharo Hair and Nail Expert, A.Venue Makati 

Very "kikay" set-up! Perfect for girl bonding!
Very busy Saturday

I'm happy with my curls..It gave volume to my hair...I just hope it can last long this time! :)

Now feels like a new start for me..heheh...CHANGE IS GOOD!

Looking forward to an exciting week ahead!

Thanks for reading my blog,

Keep Smiling everyone! 



Linggo, Marso 4, 2012

My Erzullie Bazaar Visit

Hi Sissies,

YES!!! The Resorts 2012 is finally out and available in the market. But mind you, you better hurry since I learned that stocks are almost sold out already! That's absolutely positively crazy! We are so overwhelmed by the number of Erzullistas who are now patronizing the beautiful creations of Aries and Berna. Thank you so much girls! This means a lot to us, especially that I am now one of the Erzullie Icons for 2012. Erzullie has been very close to my heart because I believe in their clothing line and the designs are just so beautiful.

Just want to share with you some glimpse of my visit of Erzullie in World Trade Center Supersale today. I came with my daddy, sister, cousin and his girlfriend. We really enjoyed the bazaar, despite the very limited time because my dad had to catch his basketball game. Anyhow, I made sure to drop by Erzullie first and get all my favorite pieces. :)

Daddy, Me, Jen and Anne

Daddy, Anne, Marvin and Jen

Of course, first stop to Erzullie! Again, as I always love to do, got busy fitting the different dresses, top, skirts, etc. Erzullie never failed to impress me with their designs. Although I must admit, it's hard when you are there.... because you just end up wanting to buy everything! hahha...

Yehey! These are all mine! hahah

With Berna and Aries

And oh, before we went home, just near the entrance/exit, I saw Diana Zubiri selling her beauty products. She's so friendly and very accommodating. See, after that shot, we had a short (short kasi nga nagmamadali na kami umuwi) chat about her  beauty product pa..:)

And finally, the fun part after every visit at Erzullie, is the fitting and pictorial afterwards with my sister! are some shots with my buys. :)

Blazer - best for office 


Tube dress from Holiday 2011 with the Resorts 2012 Sexy Skirt

More to come...for now, I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog!

Keep smiling girls!