Linggo, Marso 25, 2012

Weekend ME Time!

Hello Sissies!

How's your weekend? With whom did you spend it? Family? Friends? As for me, I must say this weekend has been special...because I got to spend it with myself. :)

I've been so busy for the past has preoccupied me, and it's obvious, not being able to post blogs since last month, I guess. It feels good after a long busy week, to have that peaceful moment, relaxing and recharging yourself for another busy week ahead. It was also the time that I had a chance to think about changing something about me.

I've been known to be the plus size woman, who has long STRAIGHT shiny hair! heheh...

I was born with incredibly straight hair. YES! Super straight which gives me a hard time curling it with iron..I spend 30 mins to an hour curling it and after just 10-15 mins it goes back to straight again. Not only that, I remember one time my auntie tried to curl it with medicine...take note, with medicine like what parlors use. Yes it created some curls for a day, after that, back to straight again.


I heard about Digi fascinated with it's technical explanation on how it can create fabulous curls so I decided to try it!

Sotharo Hair and Nail Expert, A.Venue Makati 

Very "kikay" set-up! Perfect for girl bonding!
Very busy Saturday

I'm happy with my curls..It gave volume to my hair...I just hope it can last long this time! :)

Now feels like a new start for me..heheh...CHANGE IS GOOD!

Looking forward to an exciting week ahead!

Thanks for reading my blog,

Keep Smiling everyone! 



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