Lunes, Setyembre 3, 2012

Erzullie First Look: Holiday 2012 Collection

 Hey hey hey Sissies!

I know it's been quite a while since I have last updated my blog. Apologies for that. But I'm back! And my first feature is the recently concluded Erzullie First Look for the Holiday collection which was held last night. It was a whole lot of fun meeting our beloved Erzulliestas, both new and old friends! Indeed a great opportunity to meet new fab friends and for those who missed it, this blog is for you! Get to see the highlights of the event below.

It was an honor to be the host for the night. :)

We started the program by talking about the brand c/o our first ever Erzullie Icon, Kat Catapia

Then followed by Berna Cuevas who gave insight about the Holiday 2012 Collection and what inspired her to come up with the theme "Infinite".

Our ever dearest Krave Minerale also joined us. Below is the owner, Kat Chua, who talked about the Krave Minerale and its latest products.

With pretty Kat Chua, owner of Krave Minerale

After the short presentation followed the FUN part, Shopping!!!
Aela and Jen loved this sheer cover up!
2011 and 2012 Collections
With my co-models Andrea and Marian plus Aela dear

We finally met the lucky guy! hehehe...

After the event, of course, we never failed to go bonding with Erzullie family! It was so much fun catching up with each other!

We ended the night with so much memories to treasure! We are looking forward for the NEXT!!!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog. Til next time.

Keep smiling!



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  1. Hi Loren! It was great to finally meet you in person! Love your lacey dress! Where's the lucky guy? ;)