Miyerkules, Abril 4, 2012

Back to School this Summer!

Hi Sissies!

Since I'm already in Dumaguete, my hometown, let me take you around some few significant spots in my very own Alma Matter, Silliman University. First 21 years of my life, I spent it here in this first ever American School in the Philippines.

I was born in Silliman University Medical Center. I then stepped into early childhood school when I was 3 years old, then elementary up to college. I am a true blooded Sillimanian. :) What makes me proud to be one is that I grew up with great values and principles which this school has taught me. Also, the school is very conducive for learning...with very clean and close to nature environment. Here are some photos I took after the Sunday service.

In front of SU Church
Behind me is the Amphitheater where school events such as Founder's Day Opening, Meeting de Avance, Religious gatherings, and many more are held. Reminds me really of those student campaign days...

In front of my CBA school building
Still in front of CBA School Building (old one known as Oriental Hall). Benches are where we spent our meetings and chika moments during breaktime.

Mom also spent her early childhood to college years in Silliman University...we both share the same passion for our Alma Matter. :)

See the line of Acacia trees? Those are hundreds of years old already and are very well taken cared off by the school. In fact, each has a name! :)

Too bad we didn't have all the time to go around since we still had to buy food for our "picnic" lunch!

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed reading my latest blog.

Keep smiling and ensure you enjoy the sun this Summer!


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