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DECEMBER = Party Month! (Part 1)

Hi Sissies!

  How did you spend your first December weekend? For me, I had 3 straight parties! Take note, the first 2 happened on the same night! heheh...What a way to do multi-tasking! Expect that there would be line up of parties here and there..Company parties, Christmas party with friends, family reunions, birthdays..and I can just imagine how exciting it is to prepare our outfits/costumes for those events.

My tip for everyone, prepare ahead....probably a week for that so that you can ensure a hassle free night.

Anyway, I'll be very happy to walk you through some sneak peeks of my December this is just Part 1..

Diversity Committee Get Together and My Team's Christmas Party
Still in the office pero naka costume na

Off to Uncle Cheffy, Burgos Circle Fort

DKS Diversity Committee
Forgot the name but this is a must try!
CE Girl Power!
With my CE team

Outfit: Black long sleeves and leggings with matching Erzullie golden bolero and of course the braided hair for the cowgirl look.
My Friend's Birthday Party- Day 2

Outfit: Brown top with lace see through at the back and Erzullie skirt.

These are for now and catch my next December updates.

I hope you enjoyed viewing

Merry Christmas Everyone
Loren Mae

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