Martes, Disyembre 20, 2011

DECEMBER = Party Month! (Part 3)

Hi Sissies!

I really wanted to separate this blog solely for the Erzullie Christmas Party! As I have always mentioned before, being part of the Erzullie did not only realize my dream of becoming a plus size model and being able to positively influence plus size women to love themselves more and be confident with the body they have, but also this was a start of a new FAMILY! I'll always be thankful for having such a dynamic sisters in the industry! haha...naks, parang showbiz lang na statement. :) 

Everyone was so excited....we have planned this for weeks back and the wait was finally over. It was a super fun filled party and we were just so full of energy all day and nigh long! hehehe....

Sharing with you the memorable party we had last Sunday. <3

About to start the Exchange Gifts! Yehey!
My Mommy! Thanks for the make up kit and earrings!
Ready for the night out! 

while playing pinoy henyo, with Kat (left) and Jhaki (right)

From left: Aries, Andrea and Berna
Pinoy Henyo word: Korea, trying to do the Korean pose to give clue hahaha

I love this picture! Berna and Aries

                                                                Cheers Everyone!!!



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  1. love it! jsut posted my blog entry about the party check it out!!!!