Linggo, Disyembre 4, 2011

My Best Picks

Hi Sissies!

Question: What is the secret of effective influencing?
Answer: Starts with must first be convinced and love it before you can influence others to buy-in.

That has always been my principle in life...and that's the reason why I am sharing with everyone my fabulous experience with Erzulllie. Yes, I do see couple of great pieces in other fashion brands, but Erzullie gives me a different kind of FULFILLMENT.

Have posted my different photos of Erzullie in batches for the past months in FB but I'd like to collate some of my best pieces here which may give you an idea on how to mix and match your Erzullie buys.

                                                    Erzullie: Purple Skirt and Mid length Pants
                                         Erzullie Pieces: Mid Length Pants and Golden Bolero
                                    Catch them now at Greenhills, Backstage Serendra or bazaars!!!

 Hope this is helpful for all of you..

Enjoy life!

 Loren Mae <3

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