Linggo, Disyembre 4, 2011

First Step to the Fashion Industry

Hi Sissies!

This year has been tremendous and overwhelming for me. Who would ever imagine that this last bullet in my wish list, which by the way almost got dropped already, came true this year! Yes, I'm super fond of dressing up, mixing and matching, and has so much weakness in clothes and accessories. But of course, growing up in a culture wherein plus size used to be not so in in the fashion industry, I just thought this dream of becoming a model will just continue to be a dream for me...But as the saying goes "Dreams do come true when you believe it will happen..", I finally realized my dream of becoming a MODEL. :)

My special thanks to ERZULLIE and the owners behind it, Aries De Guzman and Berna Cuevas for making this dream come true. They are like the fairy godmothers to me...hehehe. I thank them for the opportunity they gave me. Most importantly, the friendship that we built in the ERZULLIE family. I would really cherish this and always be thankful for the happiness this brought me. :)

Below are the photos during our rehearsals for the Empresario Fashion Show.


     Thanks for viewing everyone!!!

  Lots of Love,
  Loren Mae

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