Miyerkules, Disyembre 7, 2011

Count your blessings..

Hi Sissies,

As we move towards the end of the year, apart from being busy with the shopping spree, Christmas party and wrapping up school or work stuffs, I suggest you take a step back...and think about all the blessings you've received this year. More than anything else, this is the best time for us to reflect on the beautiful things and gifts that GOD has given us...

Personally, I have so many things to thank GOD this year....to name a few here they are...

                                           Of course my ever wonderful and best family!!!

                                                 My very loving BF....5 years na kami! hehehe

                                                             My 2 handsome nephews...

                                                                My ERZULLIE Family
                          (gave me the opportunity to enter the modeling and fashion industry) 
                            from then on I've been wearing their clothes already..very pretty and 
                                               compliments your natural curves..hehehhe
                                            *wearing the black tube dress at the runway

                                                          My very dynamic CE Team
                                                 *wearing the Erzullie gold chaleco  
                                             My Powerful and brilliant DKS Socials Team
                                                 *wearing the long ribbon short dress
                                                *wearing black skirt with ruffle design

And the list goes on and on....what more can I ask for, dba? So try to count your blessings and surely, you'll realize how lucky you are and be grateful for all these GIFTS you have received...no monetary value can replace these precious gifts.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Loren Mae

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